Welcome to The Sea of Falling Stars, a campaign currently in the works utilizing Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition. This is a homebrew setting, but the campaign world stays close to the D&D lore: if it exists in the D&D universe then it probably has a home somewhere in the Sea.


Long ago, in the primordial dawn, the world was much as our own Earth is today: a unified globe of disparate climates and seasons. It was as the Primordials, beings of great power tied tightly to the raw elements of creation, had made it. But the Primordials are chaotic and capricious in nature, and, as they had done countless times before, they moved to destroy their creation and build anew. In this, they were thwarted – the divines, created in this cycle of creation at the whims of the Primordials, had grown too powerful and too attached to the world to allow it to be undone. The divines bound the world in The Lattice of Heaven, stabilizing creation and giving meaning to the word “time”.

Thus, at the beginning of time, the Dawn War began.

The Primordials shattered The Lattice of Heaven, but were unable to destroy it before the divines imprisoned them all. The world was shattered when the Lattice was, but like the Lattice, it was not destroyed. The Sea of Falling Stars was formed: not a proper ocean, the Sea is composed of the raw energy of creation with hundreds of disparate islands floating amongst the twilight astral energy. The islands are beads of creation, strung along the shattered Lattice of Heaven – some are bastions of light and civilization, some are dark and brutal; some take weeks to cross, and others can be crossed in an hour.

The peoples of the Sea sail flying ships through the astral energy, leaving golden wakes in their trails that last for days before slowly fading back into the purple, twilight mists. It has been millennia since The Dawn War, but the Sea is by no means peaceful.

The Gods and Goddesses, those amongst the divines who survived The Dawn War, plot and scheme against each other: Erathis, the Goddess of Civilization, strives to repair The Lattice of Heaven and unite all the beings of creation in one glorious (and law-abiding) civilization; Corellon chases his Wild Hunt; Asmodeus plots to steal the souls of mortals; Bane seeks to dominate and subjugate all life.

The armies of High Imasker seek to extend their influence throughout the Sea and to ensure their continued hegemony, while the Great Houses of Imasker plot and scheme for dominance. The Githyanki pirates roam the Sea, travelling further than any other sailors, unlocking secrets and chasing their own inscrutable goals. The Dragonborn and Tieflings seek a new home, centuries after the destruction of their empires. The Warforged have answered the call of their people, carving a new home out of the ruins of an older empire, and seek to construct for themselves a new God fashioned in their own image.

Intrigue awaits those who seek it, and adventure. Great treasures and secrets of creation lie forgotten in ruins throughout the Seas, waiting for those brave – and clever – enough to find them.

Will you join us, and find your own place amongst The Sea of Falling stars?

Sea of Falling Stars

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