Kristian Del'Acante

I will be free



Kristian is generally a very laid back individual, taking life as it comes to him and usually with good cheer. He is an adventurous soul and loves traveling the Astral Sea, visiting new lands and exploring them.

Kris is somewhat naive and easy to trick; he has a tendency to be very trustful and open with people he has only just met, which can backfire on him. As you might expect, he makes bonds of friendship quickly. Kristian is loyal to his friends while he is with them but his love of traveling is strong enough that he won’t let friendship bind him in one place; whether love would do so isn’t a test he has yet to face.

Despite his friendly nature Kris isn’t particularly adverse to violence; he enjoys the thrill of combat and unless he really objects to a specific situation morally, will usually take part if he has something to gain. After several poor experiences with them Kris has an extreme dislike of thieves that target him, or those that steal objects that could have sentimental value. He doesn’t particularly care about pickpockets or the like as long as they stay away from his pockets.

Kris has a particular liking for Eldarin due to living in the feywild for a short but happy period with a group of them. His current goal in life is to acquire his own ship and crew and sail the astral sea freely.


M_Halfelf3.pngKristian, or Kris as he likes to be called, is a fairly lanky human, just breaking the barrier into his twenty-second year of age. He has dark brown hair that he tends to wear long and ruffled and he usually has a beard of some length from his long voyages, though even when he has time to cut it he keeps it as fairly long stubble by preference.

His build is thin by nature, though hard work on-board a boat has given him a set of lean muscles to pack a bit of weight onto it. By the nature of his chosen profession his skin is heavily tanned on his arms and face and his hands are heavily calloused. He has a fair few scars from glancing sword blows littering his body, but none anywhere particularly visible when clothed.

Kris’ origins have given him a taste for fine clothing,, but his current lifestyle gives him little coin to afford it. The majority of the leather armour he wears is thin and form fitting, worn under his other clothes. Over it he wears a white buttoned shirt – usually worn half open at the top and leather bracers over that, the brown leather decorated with faint gold tracery; the prize of a bet Kris once made. Other than that he wears basic burgundy trousers and plain but sturdy leather boots. His most prized piece of clothing is his overcoat; a high quality piece he spent much of his money on. Made of thick leather, with extra padding serving as armour in some places; it is decorated on the outside with various buckles and pockets while the inside is padded with a soft crimson fabric.

Kris doesn’t tend to keep many accessories with him, though those he does he usually treasures. He has a small silver pendant with the symbol of Avandra on it around his neck, usually visible through the open buttons of his shirt. At the small of his back he always keeps sheathed a curved dagger of Eldarin design. His Broadsword is usually attached to a leather strap running across his torso. The strap holding it is made of leather dyed dark blue with a gold clasp and doesn;t quite fit the plain, battered brown sheathe; a reminded of the sword it originally held that was stolen. The sword itself is plain but sturdy, handle made of leather wrapped iron. The most fancy part of the sword is the blade itself, which holds a slight curved bulge towards the end.


Kristian was born the only son of James and Martha Del’Acante, a minor noble and his wife living on the human dominated island of Beltran, in the city of Merlor. Merlor was the smallest of the three human cities on the island and James served as one of the masters of trade, directing land trade with the other cities and smaller settlements.

While it was an important role, to look at James’ ego over his position you would think he was a king. To Kristian, who was rather disinterested with the nobility and not the sort to desire power to begin with, his father’s power hungry attitude was grating and the source of many arguments. While she didn’t voice it often, his mother was distressed with how Kristian viewed things and was often very distant with him.

Unhappy and often arguing with his father, but otherwise well cared for, Kristian grew up into a healthy teenager and, like many teenagers, had a fit of rebellion against his parents. Shortly after his sixteenth birthday Kristian slipped away in the night, signing on with a trading ship as temporary crew.

Here is where his story diverges from the typical. Many teens would have made it to the next island over, gotten bored or distressed, and turned back. Kristian, however, found his true calling in that short voyage. It was the astral sea and the countless islands it held that called to him, not the dull yet comfortable life of a noble managing caravans. Kristian spent the next three years as crew on various ships, sailing about the Sea of Falling Stars and seeing all the new places that he could. However things took a turn for the worse when he was 19 and signed on with a crew that had noticed the fine clothes he wore. The small crew robbed Kristian as he sailed with them, leaving him for dead on a deserted island.

Only, the island wasn’t deserted. There was actually a small entrance into the feywild on the island and a local population of Eldarin. The Eldarin took pity on him and took him in. For the next two years Kris lived with them, befriending and learning from one of the Swordmages that acted as guards for the small settlement. Kris enjoyed his time on the island, but eventually he began to grow restless being stuck in one place. Eventually fortune went his way and a damaged ship stopped at the island to make repairs and when it left, Kristian left along with it.

After this his life resumed much as it had before, though Kris now was able to earn some extra coin offering his services as a guard or mercenary on occasion. As the story finds him Kris is heading to the town of Calim, following up a rumor that the man who stole the sword his master gifted him had been seen there. He isn’t hopeful, several other rumors about the man’s location having also proven false, but he has little else to do. Besides, he has been thinking recently about giving adventuring a try for a while, and Calim is a good sized town to find some allies.

Kristian Del'Acante

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