My goddess gave me life. I am willing to give it back.



Closer to the elemental chaos surrounding the sea than most dare to venture lie the sister islands of Anyan and Anyen, the sole place that Genasi of all elements call home.

During a moonless night deep in the warm, salty waters of Anyen, a young Watersoul couple gave birth to their first child. A little girl, of which they named Vyuna. However, before they could even react, there was a problem. The child didn’t cry. She didn’t move. Her breaths were shallow pants. But, most concerning of all, she had no energy lines, just ashen, dark blue skin. As her parents quickly found out, she was deathly frail and sickly, already on her way out of the world just after arriving. She would be dead in less than an hour. The couple, who had just been joyfully celebrating not minutes ago, were devastated. Frantically, not knowing what to do, they simply prayed. They prayed long and hard to every god and goddess they could possibly think of.

None of them answered.

The child stopped breathing, despite their efforts. They openly wept as they went to the surface to at least give their child’s body a proper sending away. It was a tradition of Genasi to send the deceased floating off on the surface of the water and let it carry them into The Sea, so they could rest in Shadowfell, both in body and soul. If a falling star passed by at night while this was taking place, it was said the deceased person wouldn’t be lonely in the afterlife. However, as soon as they let Vyuna afloat on the water, at least a dozen stars whizzed by in the sky. The previously new moon turned full and it’s glow seemed to reach out to the child as a small area on her forehead glowed along with it. Suddenly, bright blue lines and swirls bolted out from her forehead, twisting all throughout her skin in a predetermined pattern, as if being guided by unseen hands. Her skin lost it’s pallor tint, and the water around her head gathered to it as if attached, yet still flowing freely. The moon dimmed down again, as did the mark on her forehead. It revealed itself to be a symbol of Sehanine, the goddess of the moon, love, and trickery, indistinguishable from her energy lines that seemed to frame it, regardless of the shape. The moment the moon went back to it’s former state, the little girl opened her eyes and began to cry along with her parents, who rushed out to hold her in their arms.

From then on, Vyuna dedicated her life to serve, worship, and study Sehanine in any way possible, going so far as to isolate herself from her family and others. She set up shrines, learned archery, played matchmaker, and helped people find their own path, attempting to spread her goddesses teachings and further her learning.

Athough her entire life was spent in honor of her goddess and spreading her words, she never saw a single sign of her in her own life ever since that faithful night. Even though she attempted to spread Sehanine’s loving reach to everyone she passed, she never felt a single touch of her embrace. After a while, she began to question her goddesses intentions. She went up to the surface every night, gazing at the moon while praying and begging for some sort of sign that she was following what her goddess had in mind for her, but never got any response. At the age of 18, she broke down. She fell to her knees before the full moon, sobbing and screaming.

“I do everything for you! Every single aspect of the life you gave me, I’ve dedicated to you, and you cannot even show me a single sign that you care about it, about me, at all?! What did you even give me life for if all it is going to be spent on is fruitless worship?! What more could you want from someone who has already given you everything?!”

Then, through her broken sobs, she noticed the moon getting even brighter. She stopped and stared, awestruck as it seemed to reach down to the sand in front of her, materializing into a simple, silver shortbow, curled at the ends and intricately engraved from point to point. After the bow appeared in full, the moonlight retracted and a faint woman’s voice could be heard saying a single word.


She then knew that it was her holy path to go out into the world. She took the shortbow gifted to her and went off to study it and practice with it, knowing that she would have to know her weapon as well as herself if she was to leave. She planned to practice and prepare for her departure until the next foreign ship landed at their shores, where she would hitch a ride with whomever it may be.

And that’s exactly what she did. While the next ship didn’t come for 3 years, when it did, she was ready. She was almost giddy as she stepped aboard. She didn’t care where it was heading, who she was travelling with, how different they were from her, or the weird looks. She was just happy to have left, to be filling the role she was given.

She didn’t know what would happen, but she couldn’t care less. She was sure whatever came next was surely her goddesses design, and that she would guide her to the path she wanted her to take.

She was told the ship was heading to Calim, some arcane university island, filled with people of all walks of life, all of them foreign to her. She was certain she would meet whatever her fate was there. Sehanine wouldn’t have guided her here otherwise, would she?


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