Yazzo the Githyanki


As long as he could remember, Yazzo had been sailing. From the dark reaches of the Elemental Chaos to the glittering wonder of the Sea of Falling Stars, Githyanki ships knew no sea they could not sail, no sky that was not theirs. For Yazzo, that was life. He knew no God but his Queen, Vlaakith CLVIII, no family but his crewmates, no purpose but glorious battle against the demons and elementals, or the travelers of the Sea one could sometimes find, caught between islands, with naught but the stars to bear witness to their fall. The Sea, as much as anything else, was home.

He grew up on Tu’narath, of course, as most Githyanki do. The ancient city, carved into the dead body of an ancient god known only as The One in the Void, had never felt like home to Yazzo, however. Being born in a place doesn’t mean you have to live and die in it. As soon as he found a crew that would let him join them, he was off, and had only been back as often as he had to be. He would sometimes go years without seeing his home, and those were the happiest years of his life. Something about drifting through the cosmos, half searching for bearers of the silver swords, half following the stars out of sheer wonder; there was no better life.

Yazzo’s shipmates became fast friends, brothers in arms, bonds forged in blood and steel through countless battles and raids on the many islands in the Sea. Githyanki who fight together for long enough develop a kind of latent psychic connection, a sort of heightened senses when the blood starts pumping in battle. One could almost feel what the others were going to do, before they did it. This allowed not only shockingly well-orchestrated attacks, and a cohesion in combat that was terrifying to behold, but it served as a feeling of comfort for Yazzo. When you are connected to the minds of those who live and breathe the same purpose and goals as you, you never really feel alone.

Until you are.

Saukliff. Would that Yazzo had never heard the name. It was to be a simple raid; they’d caught a ship heading in just as it hit the water, where the Sea meets the sea. It stayed just barely out of their reach until right before it beached itself, and Yazzo was the first over the gunwale to board. The resistance was fierce, as the crew of humans fought back against the pirates, knowing full well that the Githyanki seldom take prisoners. It would have gone well, regardless, if not for the party waiting for the ship to arrive.

Warforged. They stormed onto the beach, climbing up onto the ship from all sides. Whatever the ship was carrying, they wanted, and the Githyanki were in their way. They began killing everyone, the human crew of the ship, and the Githyanki raiding it. Githyanki don’t fall back easily, but after several minutes of bloody battle, the Captain called for the retreat. Yazzo turned to leap back to his ship, and heard a thrum as he jumped. The crossbow bolt took him in the side, knocking the breath from him as he slammed into the railing of the human ship, and fell over the side into the water. His last clear memory was that of trying to find the surface, but being unable to get out from under the ships, before it all went black.

He awoke in a small hut, with a young human girl staring at him, wide-eyed and quiet. He was in no pain, as he’d discover that his wound had been treated and sewn up, albeit crudely. It seemed as though many days had passed, as it was already scarring. He sat up, casting about for his blade, growing irritated when he found it was not there. The girl fled the hut, and returned shortly with an older man. From him, Yazzo discovered that he was still on Saukliff. The Githyanki fled from the Warforged, leaving him behind… to die. He closed his eyes and reached out with his mind, but could no longer feel them. He was alone.

Three years passed, and Yazzo remains on Saukliff. He discovered that he is one of very few Githyanki in the city, even on the whole island, and attracts quite a bit of attention wherever he goes. The city is a dirty place, as many tend to be, full of beggars and thieves and mercenaries. Yazzo is one such mercenary, recently in the employ of a Rakshasa, as much as one can be “employed” by one of those. He longs to find a ship, and a crew, and to travel the Sea again… but he has not done so yet. There have been plenty of opportunities, as many captains would desire a Githyanki on board, to potentially treat with his brethren if they happen across any of them raiding. Some would even try to pry the knowledge of Tu’narath from Yazzo, as although it is not secret, the city’s location is not common knowledge.

Yazzo has waited, however. He sailed with one crew for most of his life, a Githyanki crew. He cannot bring himself to just climb aboard the first ship that comes his way. It has to be right. It has to be home.

Yazzo the Githyanki

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